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Display Advertising
Display Advertising

Engage with website and app users

You may have a great business, and website, but without potential customers being aware of this and having an easy way to click through and contact you, you may not be generating the amount of interest you could be.

Yet every day, thousands of potential customers are browsing websites across the internet, and there is a simple way of getting your message in front of this audience – Display advertising.

Display adverts, such as great-looking banners, are a great way of getting your message on these sites in order to drive awareness of your business, and clicks to your website. Display programmes are also particularly useful for driving previous website visitors back to your site when they’re ready to buy.

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is the use of text combined with visual images, video, graphics and more to create eye-catching online adverts. These are then placed in a series of designated ‘slots’ across the web, encouraging users to click through to a certain website, interact with the ad in some way or purchase a certain service or product. Advertisers use online promotional networks to create and publish their ads, which can be shown on any website that’s signed up to the network.

Why use Display Advertising?

The visual nature of the ads can attract the attention of the audience and all display advertising tends to serve one of three purposes:

  1. Brand awareness – to increase and maintain your company’s online visibility
  2. Acquisition – to encourage a direct action, like ‘buy now’ or ‘click here’
  3. Retargeting – reaching back out to people who have already visited your site, inspiring them to return

How does Display Advertising work?

Display ads can generally be bought on a cost-per-impression (CPM) basis where you pay every time the ad is shown, or on a cost-per-click (CPC) model where you only pay when someone clicks on your banner ad.

Cookies across the internet collect data on how web users are browsing, where they’re based, what their interests are and so much more.

Display advertising uses this information to target your ideal audience with your ads – you just need to set up a campaign and select the options that best suit your business. Then you can show the right kinds of adverts to your ideal audience in the places on the web they’re most likely to visit, whether that’s editorial or news sites and blogs.

What are different types of Display Advertising?

There’s a host of different types of display ads you can use to reach potential customers. For example:

  1. Banner ads – usually image-heavy ads that tend to sit across the top or down the sides of a web page
  2. Rich media – often requiring a level of user participation, your audience can interact with the advert as well as clicking through to your site
  3. Native ads – these fit to blend seamlessly with the websites they appear on, often looking like part of the original site
What are the benefits of Display Advertising?

So why might display ads be the best approach to promote your business or drive traffic to your site? Here are just a few of the benefits:

  1. Flexibility: choose the format and style that best suits your company – the opportunities are endless and you can be as creative as you’d like
  2. Targeting: make sure only the right people are seeing your ads with careful targeting – it means it’s useful to your audience and you’re less likely to waste ad spend
  3. Reach: you can access people across a number of popular sites and in a variety of different ways
  4. Measurability: review your campaigns as regularly as you like to gain an understanding of which ads are performing well and tweak any that aren’t providing results
  5. Awareness – don’t wait for people to search for you or your products, but create awareness and desire with your target audience
Google Search
Microsoft Advertising
Google Display Network
Facebook Audience Network
Shared across all of your chosen channels
Daily bid and budget optimisation
Instant ad creation across all channels
Ad consistency across all channels
Unlimited ad amendments and refreshes
Highly relevant and focused keywords on Search
Target by age, gender, location and interests on Social
Target by interests and audiences on Display
Previous website visitor retargeting
Conversion Tracking
Call Tracking
On-Site Conversion Tracking
Ad Extensions
Call Extensions
Location Extensions

* Monthly charges displayed are inclusive of campaign management fees

Introducing Smart Marketing

PPC helps drive qualified traffic to your website, as well as direct calls and visits. Our most successful customers combine PPC with a professionally designed, secure, and mobile-optimised website, increasing the chances of clicks converting to sales.

PPC works best when combined with Display and Social Advertising, as the returns are proven to be far greater than PPC advertising alone. This is why we now only sell PPC advertising as part of our innovative Smart Performance solution. Smart Performance is a fully managed multi-channel advertising solution that helps drive potential customers to your website using social media, search and display advertising, working together to maximise the return on your investment.

How does Smart Marketing work?

Smart Marketing uses machine learning to monitor click volumes, conversion rates and cost per click to ensure budget is optimised for quality clicks and continues to optimise over time, helping you get the best return on investment.

Smart Marketing

(1) Your budget is spread across each of the different digital channels.

(2) After every 24 hours period, our algorithm combines data and computes results.

(3) With machine learning algorithms, the budget is optimised.

Digital Marketing Made Easy

Digital Marketing Made Easy

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We have been serving business across every sector and region of the US since last 12 years. We know what it takes for local SMEs to win big. It's why we are trusted by over 30,000 businesses to run their marketing campaigns.

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Every programme we create is tailor-made, with product solutions designed to deliver brilliant results at a great price. Our relationships with Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon - ensure our solutions are cutting-edge, using automation and machine learning to deliver the best returns.

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We provide a one-stop shop for all of your marketing needs, plus you also get a dedicated account manager to answer all of your questions. You’ll be taken through the digital tools designed to help you get most from your marketing.

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SmallRank offers a wide range of Smart Marketing solutions to help your business grow online. Speak with one of our team member to understand which solutions are best for your business.

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