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Social Media Advertising

Promote your business on the world’s most popular social media networks.

Social Media Advertising
Social Media Advertising

Attract new customers with social media

With a captive audience comprising much of the US population, you can be certain that potential customers are browsing social media networks nearly every day. So if you’re not advertising on social media, and only relying on single advertising channels such as PPC or Display advertising to drive visits to your website, you're potentially missing out on more customers everyday.

However, setting up and managing ad campaigns on social media can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive if you’re not an expert.

What is Social Media Advertising?

With social media advertising, you’re placing your adverts within social media feeds, such as Facebook or Instagram. Your ads can use a range of different formats, from simple text to videos or creative animations, and will be marked with an ‘ad’ or ‘sponsored’ icon.

Though many big brands use social media advertising, it’s a valuable and affordable marketing channel for small businesses too. It’s ideal for targeting specific audiences, increasing your reach, promoting offers, and launching new products. All in all, social ads are a great way to build awareness of – and drive web traffic to – your business.

How does Social Media Advertising work?

Though social ads appear within users’ social media feeds, they behave slightly differently to regular, non-sponsored social posts. Normal posts that you make on your channels will generally only appear in the feeds of your existing followers, limiting you to current customers and fans of your brand. Social ads, however, are based on user demographic information like location, age, interests and so on, meaning your ads can be displayed to people who may not necessarily be following – or even previously aware of – your business or company. This makes social media advertising a great way to expand your existing social reach and find new potential customers. Social ads are conceptually very similar to display ads; the difference being that they appear on social networks rather than across the internet.

Many social networks allow for a choice between a CPM (cost per mille) fee structure where advertisers pay a fee for a certain number of impressions, or a pay-per-click structure where you pay the social network a fee every time someone clicks on your advertisement.

Why use Social Media Advertising?

There are many reasons you should be investing in social media ads – here are just a few:

  1. Popular – there’s no denying the increasing popularity of various social media networks, each of which appeals to a different demographic and provides an excellent space to reach your audience. Plus, these audiences are highly engaged, spending many hours a week on their chosen network
  2. Targeted – not only can you pick the social network that most suits your product or audience, but within that channel, you can also carefully target your ads to users based on specific features from location to hobbies. As a result, you’re appealing to the right people in the best locations online and not wasting ad spend on an audience that isn’t relevant to your offering
  3. Measurable – as with a variety of online advertising, you can easily track the success of your ads, giving you the freedom to tweak, rework or provide more budget as you go
Google Search
Microsoft Advertising
Google Display Network
Facebook Audience Network
Shared across all of your chosen channels
Daily bid and budget optimisation
Instant ad creation across all channels
Ad consistency across all channels
Unlimited ad amendments and refreshes
Highly relevant and focused keywords on Search
Target by age, gender, location and interests on Social
Target by interests and audiences on Display
Previous website visitor retargeting
Conversion Tracking
Call Tracking
On-Site Conversion Tracking
Ad Extensions
Call Extensions
Location Extensions

* Monthly charges displayed are inclusive of campaign management fees

Introducing Smart Marketing

PPC helps drive qualified traffic to your website, as well as direct calls and visits. Our most successful customers combine PPC with a professionally designed, secure, and mobile-optimised website, increasing the chances of clicks converting to sales.

PPC works best when combined with Display and Social Advertising, as the returns are proven to be far greater than PPC advertising alone. This is why we now only sell PPC advertising as part of our innovative Smart Performance solution. Smart Performance is a fully managed multi-channel advertising solution that helps drive potential customers to your website using social media, search and display advertising, working together to maximise the return on your investment.

How does Smart Marketing work?

Smart Marketing uses machine learning to monitor click volumes, conversion rates and cost per click to ensure budget is optimised for quality clicks and continues to optimise over time, helping you get the best return on investment.

Smart Marketing

(1) Your budget is spread across each of the different digital channels.

(2) After every 24 hours period, our algorithm combines data and computes results.

(3) With machine learning algorithms, the budget is optimised.

Digital Marketing Made Easy

Digital Marketing Made Easy

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We have been serving business across every sector and region of the US since last 12 years. We know what it takes for local SMEs to win big. It's why we are trusted by over 30,000 businesses to run their marketing campaigns.

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Every programme we create is tailor-made, with product solutions designed to deliver brilliant results at a great price. Our relationships with Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon - ensure our solutions are cutting-edge, using automation and machine learning to deliver the best returns.

Easy Process

We provide a one-stop shop for all of your marketing needs, plus you also get a dedicated account manager to answer all of your questions. You’ll be taken through the digital tools designed to help you get most from your marketing.

Grow Your Business

SmallRank offers a wide range of Smart Marketing solutions to help your business grow online. Speak with one of our team member to understand which solutions are best for your business.

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